Type 2 Diabetes is viewed as a global epidemic that effects approximately 422 million people worldwide. Prediabetes is a serious and under-diagnosed condition affecting 84 million Americans that can lead to diabetes. These conditions have led to increased direct medical costs in the United States and much more in indirect costs. In this topic, we dive into the lives of those living with these conditions and how they go about managing it. By providing these insights, you will be able to influence buying decisions and implement campaigns more quickly.

A Lifelong Illness: Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 Diabetes Full Report

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Type 2 Diabetes affects approximately 8.5% of the global adult population and is the seventh leading cause of death from disease in the United States. It is a difficult condition that requires significant lifestyle changes and regular medical treatment. Patients vary in their reactions and this report follows the different types of patients through their journey with the condition. Due to the prevalence and severity of this condition, there are many opportunities to reach out to an audience that would be willing to listen and need help.


Companies purchasing this report will benefit in many ways, including:


With so many people affected by this disease and even more that know someone affected, there is a large audience and market for awareness campaigns.

Many of those diagnosed still struggle with proper management of the disease and need professional guidance. This report outlines some of the many ways companies can assist people with Type 2 Diabetes with management.

Physicians and patients alike require assistance when dealing with the difficulties of Type 2 Diabetes. There are many opportunities for companies to step in and help diabetic patients and the physicians that treat them in a medical setting.

Prediabetes: Opportunities to Change Lives and Lifestyles

In this video, you will learn what prediabetes is and its prevalence. This market is under-diagnosed and a clear opportunity for a company to lead the charge in guiding consumers to healthy lifestyles so they can prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

Prediabetes Full Report

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This in-depth report studies the emerging condition known as prediabetes. Prediabetes is a serious health condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not enough to be diagnosed at Type 2 Diabetes. However, 70% of those with prediabetes will eventually be diagnosed with diabetes. There are multiple opportunities for intervening in the lifestyles of those affected to prevent the progression to diabetes and opportunities to run awareness increasing campaigns to encourage more people to see a physician.

               This report contains multiple methodologies including ethnographies which allow us to understand the patient’s journey through diagnosis, treatment, and the eventual outcomes of their doctors’ intervention. Many people struggle with their diagnosis not only a medical sense, but also psychologically and emotionally. People are unable to cope with knowing that they are at such an increased risk for diabetes, and they lack the support and direction they need to successfully overcome the prediabetes diagnosis.


Companies purchasing this report will benefit in many ways, including:


Awareness of this condition is very low, but it affects 1/3 of American adults. Raising awareness could lead to a dramatically increased audience for new products.

Retail, Food and Beverage, and Lifestyle businesses could provide the missing resources this sleeping market needs.

Consumers with prediabetes often have other conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, or obesity and are looking for ways to manage multiple conditions at once.

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