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Mental health is a very difficult topic to tackle, but mental illness affects millions of Americans. We have researched a particularly disabling mental illness, schizophrenia, and have discovered a patient journey that most patients follow. This severe illness, along with other mental illnesses, is very misunderstood. This topic will help your company shine some light on these illnesses and into the lives of those suffering from them and their caregivers and be able to take action to influence the consumer or their caregivers.

Schizophrenia: The Patient Journey

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Schizophrenia Full Report

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ConnexionPoints® Schizophrenia US Patient Journey tells the full and intimate story of schizophrenia in the US as seen by patients, caregivers, and providers. Acquiring this report will deepen your knowledge of the disease’s impact on patients, treatment decisions and beliefs. This is a very complicated disease and the best way to decipher it is to go to those affected directly. We have done just that through our varied methodologies. This report provides analysis from a medical professional, caregiver, and patient perspectives to create a multi-dimensional, thorough understanding of the disease.


Companies purchasing this report will benefit in many ways, including:

Real Results

Video-Rich Studies

Segmedica’s video-rich and revealing patient journey study includes contributions from 35 patients, 13 caregivers, and 21 providers, including physicians, case workers, group home directors, and nurses.

Webcam Diaries

All the patients took part in an OnTheWall™ Online Community, and many of them contributed webcam diaries and uploads to the community webcam interviews, in-home ethnographies, and individual interviews with providers and simulated physician-patient interactions.

Innovative Format

The main report includes a full patient flow chart, many video, clips and outputs from patient webcam diaries, online community tasks and projects. The 140 double-wide format pages are full of insights and information.

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