Customer Health and Wellness

Health continues to be a trending topic and it goes beyond healthcare.

Customer Health and Wellness Overview

Segmedica brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of customers who are interested in health and wellness and purchasing products relating to these. As experts in the fields of health and health-related concerns, we can deliver insights into how people think and feel.  Our core expertise has been developed over decades of research into consumers as healthcare ‘patients.’

Health and wellness are becoming increasingly popular as individuals are now taking preventive measures in an attempt to gain control of their physical and mental health. The desire to achieve an improved quality of life has a major influence on lifestyle choices, behaviors, and actions. Segmedica can help you identify your customers' unmet needs when it comes to addressing their health and wellness concerns. With our extensive knowledge and dedicated staff, we can provide valuable insights on customers' changing behaviors and attitudes on how to maintain their minds and bodies.

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PersonaSmart is a model of human behavior based on a multilayered analysis of decision making. It goes well beyond “emotional driver” research or attitudinal analysis to apply a scientific and rigorous approach to understanding markets.

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    Within PersonaSmart we separate the elements of human decision making and tackle them logically, one by one:

    • Motivational Values – the fundamental needs of the personality that define personality types and have been validated on a global basis
    • Worldview – a slowly evolving idiosyncratic view of the world; how it works and how each individual can relate to it and get what they need from it
    • Heuristics (also known as Behavioral Economics) – algorithms and bias that we use to make decisions without engaging cognitive resources
    • Language – which develops and wraps itself around world view
    • Context – a major modifier of behaviors

    We have developed a unique model of Motivational Values, Worldview and Heuristics; language and context need to be researched for each set of circumstances.

    By engaging with us you can benefit from our research in this area, while saving time and money to achieve a deeper understanding of your customers, their unmet needs and their experience.

    Contact us today for a presentation of the principles and case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of this unique methodology in practice.

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Anthropology-Based Research

All forms of anthropological research including in-home, in-office, or in-hospital are conducted by Segmedica health experts. Our staff includes experienced sociologists and anthropologists as well as both clinical and academic psychology advisors. Some examples of Anthropological work include:

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    HealthVoice® is a technique involving audio-capture of real conversations between a HCP (healthcare provider) and a patient. These conversations may take place in a doctor’s office, a clinic, a hospital, or anywhere these interactions occur on a regular basis. The Segmedica Difference is our follow-up to these encounters, using both qualitative and quantitative methods to capture additional information about the patients and HCPs. We then analyze the words, phrases, and interviews using psycho-linguistic techniques in addition to identifying keywords and language patterns. The end result is a deep understanding of what was said and why it was said. All physicians are drawn from our HealthAcuity® panels and are fully practographically and psychologically profiled.

    Your deliverables include full digital recordings and transcripts of all the conversations. Our research is fully HIPAA compliant and 100% quality controlled to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the conversations. Our objective is high-gain conversations that will have an impact on your marketing objectives.


    More than the traditional “sentiment” monitors, SocialInsight combines data with personality. Segmedica is known for its psychological approach to market research. Now we apply this expertise to social media posts. Our technique is simple yet elegant. We monitor a multitude of social media sites and combine what is being said with why it is being said. Unlike the majority of social media monitors, Segmedica dives deep to uncover themes in conversational language, using psychology-based natural language analysis. Our skills range from simple search and analysis to combining SocialInsight with other modalities for a rich set of insights into consumers as patients. Our process tracks patients’ experience to compile a full story on what patients think and feel not only as patients but as consumer/patients. We deliver a full report analyzing language and conversations using our exclusive HLA (HealthLinquisticAnalysis)™ process.


    SelfInspire® is a qualitative research method in which a dyad or group operates without a human moderator. Employed where there is a need to delve deeply into the psychological reasons for certain behaviors, it offers considerable research benefits including:

    • More responsibility and energy from respondents
    • Unlikely leaders emerge
    • Language is more pure and meaningful
    • Emotional insights are much deeper
    • Unexpected ideas arise

    The sessions are managed entirely by the respondents, who usually move through a series of tasks by sequentially opening numbered envelopes. The encounter is observed by a professionally trained researcher who will ensure the interaction meets its research objectives. What makes this research so powerful is the combination of unaided discussion, a non-threatening environment, and Segmedica's use of psychology to help us understand not only what they are saying, but why they are saying it and how it impacts your markets. SelfInspire® is unique to Segmedica, an innovator in healthcare market research.


    Ethnography is a technique which is used to observe behaviors in a natural setting such as a patient’s home or place of work. Our ethnography team consists of a trained observer and a videographer who are deployed to spend a day with the respondent and capture the nuances of everyday life as well as focus on issues that are germane to the research project. While in the field, our ethnographer will also conduct impromptu interviews as events occur that stimulate discussion relevant to the marketing objectives of our client. The result is a very deep understanding of how a patient or other respondent thinks, feels, and acts outside of a controlled environment like focus group facilities or telephone interviews.

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Segmedica offers a full range of analytical capabilities to help you meet your marketing needs. We work with you to choose the most appropriate methodology to answer your more pressing strategic and tactical questions.

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    Along with our expert research design, Segmedica offers:

    • Psycho-linguistic analysis – used for assessing dialogue, positioning statements, messaging, and other types of text. Segmedica can use this along with its proprietary PracticeModality™ segmentation to understand linguistic differences among physician types. It can also be used to look at variations among consumer demographic groups and other consumer segments.
    • Positioning and market-size analysis – Segmedica uses multi-dimensional techniques such as mapping to show where your brand is positioned in the market relative to its competitors and where it needs to be for optimal positioning.
    • Conjoint Analysis – used for product/services development, customer acquisition/retention, and pricing studies.
    • Segmentation – Segmedica is a leader in medical market segmentation. All segmentation is customized to meet the specific needs of the project. Professor Rangaswamy, Anchel Professor of Marketing from Penn State Smeal College of Business, is a member of Our Team allowing us to use advanced mathematical segmentation techniques that are at the forefront of the industry in addition to offering standard segmentation approaches, including a priori segmentation.

    Our analytics expertise…

    • Offers latent class segmentation, the most powerful statistical tool available, to segment your customers based on their needs.
    • Uses multi-level phasic questioning allowing a large number of variables to be included efficiently and cost-effectively.
    • Has advanced the practice of segmenting both physicians and patients together in a single project to better understand patient compliant behavior.

    Segmedica helps you throughout the process from project conception to analysis and can help guide implementation through on-site workshops with the marketing and sales teams.

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Customer Loyalty

One of the most significant challenges facing companies today is how to develop stronger customer commitment to their product or service.
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    Traditional satisfaction research focuses on how well the company performs across a range of areas including product performance, sales support, call center performance, etc. Segmedica goes one step further by applying its unique batteries of psychometric questions and images to better understand what drives customer satisfaction and how to leverage this to create strong customer commitment and loyalty.

    Segmedica provides a wide range of tools to support your customer satisfaction program, from simple web-based surveys for tracking satisfaction to conducting more advanced needs-based research. Segmedica also offers robust customer satisfaction segmentation using a proprietary methodology grounded in psychology.

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Insight Mining and Market Landscaping

At the earliest stages of a product or service, marketing teams need to become educated. One aspect of this education process is market research.
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    At the earliest stages of a product or service, marketing teams need to become educated. One aspect of this education process is market research. Landscaping, or Insight Mining research, is potentially the least focused and most exploratory research in the marketing process and is usually carried out qualitatively.

    That being said, we still have a responsibility to develop a result that is accurate and informative and which has practical use to our clients.

    We do this by laying down a solid psychology-based appreciation of the market and by focusing our research on thematic elements which have applicability to potential sales and marketing tactics.

    For marketing teams entering completely new areas, our customized workshops provide a flying start.

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Landscaping (exploratory), Positioning, Messaging, Strategic Assessments and Business Development

For exceptionally high-quality, innovative marketing research, Segmedica provides a wide array of options, depending on your needs.  Some of our featured methods include:

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    SelfInspire® -  Self-moderated research. 

    An exciting, innovative twist on traditional focus groups. When you need content, messages, or to learn more about your markets, SelfInspire® will transform the depth and quality of the insights and answers to all your questions. 

    The concept was invented by one of the Principals of Segmedica and developed over years of practice in the field. It is truly unique and innovative. The technique involves respondent leadership, acuity, active participation, and co-creation, all wrapped into one.


    • More responsibility and energy from respondents
    • Unlikely leaders emerge
    • Language is more pure and meaningful
    • Emotional insights are much deeper
    • Unexpected ideas arise 


    Uses for SelfInspire®

    An excellent tool for message development and testing, profiling exercises, co-creation and similar marketing objectives.

    Learn more about SelfInspire® by contacting us for a demo.

    Semantha™ – Linguistic analysis and Language Interpretation. 

    When you need to know what resonates or what language or voice is needed in your market, Semantha delivers an exceptional and truly different way to analyze and interpret language.  Developed by a team of researchers and later commercialized, Semantha contains elements of both computer algorithms and manual interpretation.  The results are an extensive overview of content and recommendations on how to target a particular market.


    • Results yielding more powerful and directed messages
    • Actionable language
    • Language is more pure and meaningful
    • Emotional insights are much deeper


    Uses for Semantha™

    An excellent tool for message development and testing, positioning, advertising development, and similar marketing objectives.

    Learn more about Semantha by contacting us for a demo.

    SocialInsight™ – Social Media Analysis and Insight

    More than the traditional “sentiment” monitors, SocialInsight combines data with personality. Segmedica is known for its psychological approach to market research. Now, we apply this expertise to social media posts. 

    Our technique is simple yet elegant. We monitor a multitude of social media sites and combine what is being said with why it is being said. Unlike the majority of social media monitors, Segmedica dives deep to uncover themes in conversational language, using psychology-based natural language analysis.  

    Our skills range from simple search and analysis to combining SocialInsight™ with other modalities for a rich set of insights into consumers as patients.

    Our process tracks an individual’s experience to compile a full story on what consumers think and feel.

    We deliver a full report analyzing language and conversations, using Semantha™ as a tool to aid in delivering a deep actionable result.

    Uses for SocialInsight™

    An excellent tool for message development and testing, positioning, advertising development, tracking, and similar marketing objectives.

    Learn more about SocialInsight by contacting us for a demo.

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Message Development and Testing

Just as with positioning, marketing teams have a choice in messaging between (1) developing internally and testing in the market through research and (2) or to using research techniques in which the respondents themselves help to build messaging. Either choice can be appropriate depending, on the circumstances.
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    For market-based message development, we offer a range of proprietary techniques, including Storyboarding and Envisioning, as well as conventional techniques such as projective exercises, forward and backwards translation, and laddering.

    When it comes to message testing, we use techniques which conform closely to the way the brain works in forming long-term memories and attaching emotion to memories so that they are most relevant and easy to recall. Our understanding of modern neuroscience is deployed to ensure that message testing is relevant and meaningful and that it provides solid guidance.

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OnTheWall™ - New and Fresh Insights from Everyone™

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    Social insights really matter in a global and digital world.  xsperient™ brings to you a forum unlike any other.  OnTheWall™ (OTW) is a social platform that is comprised of four elements.

    Consumers from all walks of life, actively engaged in multiple forums:

    Healthy Living
    Living with a Chronic Illness
    Healthcare trends

    What makes OTW different from ‘communities’?

    Features of OTW include:

    Quick access for RapidInsights™
    Short surveys for fast results
    Flexible and customizable
    Managed by MR professionals
    Easy to add other research components

    Benefits of OTW:

    Deeper Insights
    Faster execution when time is short
    Real-time results by observation
    Customized groups for pin-point marketing
    Quick surveys for quick answers
    Flexibility allows customized research to profile exactly your targets

    See how OTW works.  Request access to a community now by contacting us.

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We offer a wide variety of positioning methodologies ranging from qualitative techniques in which respondents generate positioning elements to large-scale monadic quantitative positioning testing studies.
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    Like segmentation, positioning needs to be built on a solid appreciation of market needs, both rational and emotional. Positioning statements must speak to the fundamental needs of the market and include both rational and emotional selling points.

    A key decision for a marketing team is whether to develop positioning internally and test it with the market or to let the market drive positioning through research. Either approach can be appropriate in different circumstances. We advise clients on the best use of research in either approach.

    We psycho-profile all our respondents and ensure the emotional needs of the market are accommodated. The human brain processes information both intellectually and emotionally, and it is important that positioning and messaging satisfy both parts of the personality.

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Product Development & Acquisition

In an increasingly competitive market, it is critically important that the right decisions be made from the beginning of the product or service life cycle.
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    Segmedica can help by providing a wide range of services to fit your needs, from a small-scale, web-based survey to full-scale market sizing.  For product development, conjoint and other advanced analytics can be incorporated to help identify key product specifications or services that should be included and their expected impact on the market. Ethnographic services are also available to see how a product is actually being used or to assess performance. Segmedica's psychometric profiling can add another unique dimension by identifying who is likely to be early adopters.

    The Segmedica Difference:  With its extensive panels and in-house recruitment center, Segmedica is equipped to field projects, even for the most hard-to-reach respondents, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Psychology-Based Research

Segmedica is the leader in developing methods for applying psychology to market research. There is a fundamental difference between emotional and psychological research.

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    The diagram below illustrates how our brains work and how our subconscious minds drive behavior and decision-making.

    Only psychology-based research uncovers the underlying personality of respondents that is critical to understanding not only what is being said, but more importantly, why and within what context.

    Understanding the personality (which rarely changes in an individual throughout his or her life) allows for a much deeper understanding of what is needed and how to fulfill those needs. Emotions are superficial and transient, and research that is not scientifically based can lead to misguided marketing campaigns. Once you understand the psychological makeup of a target market, you can craft messages or define strategies to a much more effective level.

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If you need answers fast and cost effectively, we have developed a way to gain insights on short notice while still developing a dataset that is rich with information.

  • More Details

    Rapid Insight Logo
    RapidInsight is a quantitative survey tool designed with you in mind. We can program and complete short surveys in a matter of days. When time is of the essence, our team understands the need for a rapid response.

    A major benefit is access to our HealthAcuity® panel, which is the most comprehensively profiled panel in the industry. Within a very short time, we can provide the data you asked for and overlay it with valuable insights into the psychology of the respondents. Not only will you know more about the respondents, but you will also have actionable data, instantly.

    Contact us at 716-754-8744 or E-mail to for more details and learn how you can achieve RapidInsight℠ now!

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Segmedica is a leader in large- and small-scale segmentation. We are innovators in the techniques used, but more importantly, we are reliable guides and coaches through the process.
  • More Details

    Segmentation needs to be founded on a solid marketing process; we ask the penetrating questions up front to ensure that your project goes well and produces an actionable result.

    Our proprietary tools includes a cutting-edge, Needs-Based segmentation consisting of:

    • Proven batteries of psychometric questions and images.
    • Customizable segmentation software.
    • Multi-phasic questioning: a methodology for enabling us to manage large-choice models with relatively few questions and achieve sharper segmentation.
    • Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to enable us to combine qualitative and quantitative inputs as well segment non-homogeneous populations.
    • Methodologies for segmenting professionals and consumers together to add additional insights, especially around compliance.

    Our segmentations result in rich, personality-based segment descriptions which bring the segments alive in a very real way and provide guidance for optimal positioning and communication.

    Whether you need to segment professionals, providers, payers, or consumers, Segmedica is the logical choice.

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After launch, market tracking is most important to maintaining a window on the market and ensuring that perception is being built in the way the marketing team intends.
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    From small-scale pulse studies to full-scale regular tracking surveys, Segmedica uses its psychometric profiling of respondents to add a whole new and actionable level to routine tracking. By understanding the base psychology of respondents, we can better analyze changes in behaviors and, if unfavorable, suggest ways to modify them.

    The Segmedica Difference: With its extensive panels and in-house recruitment center, Segmedica is equipped to field the largest tracking studies on time and cost effectively.

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The Neuroscience of Creating Lasting Messages

  • Peter Simpson

The first duty of a message is to create a lasting memory. No matter how impactful the message is at delivery, without creating a recallable memory, it isn’t effective.

This isn’t just a matter of simple repetition; the old adage that it takes nine repetitions to create a lasting impression has no science behind it.


Full Details

Segmentation That Works: The Roadmap to a Successful Project

  • Peter Simpson

Market segmentation projects are costly and can be risky. In this webinar, we will review the reasons why segmentations can go wrong and alternative approaches to ensure success.

Full Details

Changing Behaviors in Beauty and Personal Care Under COVID-19

  • Peter Simpson

In this webinar, we combine our seminal research into personality and beauty with our more recent research into changing behaviors in the pandemic to explain the features and outlook for the new COVID-19 world, which will be with us for quite a long time.

Full Details

Use Behavioral Science to Stretch Your Qualitative Research

  • Peter Simpson

Go beyond conventional interrogational techniques and learn what to look for in an advanced qualitative design. Examples include:

  1. Depersonalization
  2. Observing the neural source of responses
  3. Free language
  4. Focus group dynamics
  5. Role play with live stimuli
  6. Advanced concept testing
  7. Piggyback…

    Full Details

Segmentation To Go – Case Studies in Off-the-Shelf Segments

  • Peter Simpson

It’s hard to believe, but instant segmentation does work. Based on personality types, they provide a fundamental view of how consumers make purchase and use decisions in the beauty and personal care markets.

Full Details

Beauty and the Mask – The Psychology of Feeling Good Under COVID-19

  • Peter Simpson

We think it’s safe to say that the effects of COVID-19 on the beauty industry will be with us for quite a long time. Several beauty and personal care categories have been hit more than others and some of these changes are more than likely to stay with us in the long term.

As people of different personality types collide with the pandemic,…

Full Details

Is Food Fuel, Medicine, or Entertainment?

  • Peter Simpson

Why do people eat what they eat and drink what they drink? Why are some people picky and other bingers? What about food fads? Should we follow or lead in food fashion? Does Goop have a future?

Full Details

A Marketing Roadmap for COVID-19

  • Peter Simpson

The significant impacts of COVID-19 have not yet been felt and will take at least two years to play out in the industrialized world.

They will include:

  1. Permanent changes in consumer behaviors across almost all verticals and categories.
  2. Record sovereign debt-to-GDP rations leading to stressed financial systems, higher…

    Full Details

Navigating COVID-19 – Consumer Journey and Impact

  • Peter Simpson

What are the opportunities for food and beverage, nutrition, VMS, wellness, pharmacy, and retail in the COVID-19?

xsperient has published a ConnexionPoints® syndicated Consumer Journey for COVID-19 alongside its current and future COVID-19 studies. Built from up to the minute primary fieldwork with patients, caregivers, and HCPs, we document…

Full Details

COVID Behaviors are Driven by Personality

  • Peter Simpson

Your inbox is full of COVID studies, many of them free.

Why should you consider ours? Introducing the first research linking COVID behaviors with personality analysis.

Join us for a 30-minute introduction to the main finding of our new ConnexionPoints® Changing Behaviors in the Face of a Global Health Crisis.

Full Details

Emotions, Attitudes, and Bad Science

  • Peter Simpson

This presentation challenges us to think about the way we do research today and with focus on market segmentation.

Basing segmentation on “Rational and Emotional Drivers” and “Attitudes” doesn’t reflect how the brain works and doesn’t provide us with valid and useful tools to produce an actionable…

Full Details

Culturally Sensitive Marketing

  • Peter Simpson

Culture is a set of beliefs, standards and norms held by groups who share a common language, art forms, traditions and geographic origins. Underlying this diversity there are clear cultural patterns which should guide product development, marketing and retail environments. Understanding how to frame research to account for cultural variation is key…

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Methodologies for Doing More with Less in the COVID Era

  • Peter Simpson

In this 15 minute mini-webinar we will tell you how to operate with reduced samples, shorter interviews and surveys, and achieve superior results.

For years, xsperient has been applying novel methodologies for understanding and influencing markets. Our accumulated investment in personality-typing has generated significant savings…

Full Details

A New Concept in Market Segmentation

  • Peter Simpson

Whether your challenge is retail differentiation, personalized health and wellness products and services, VMS and nutrition, or just a lack of time and budget – discover in-depth research insights using alternative segmentation techniques that overcome the problems usually associated with traditional segmentation.

A new methodology…

Full Details

Added Sugar Part Two – The Imminent Nutrition Crisis/Opportunity (All New Content)

  • Peter Simpson

Awareness that a single breakfast pastry or dessert alone can exceed the safe daily dose of added sucrose is increasing.

This webinar will cover:

•What is the current state of education and persuasion around added sugar?

•Can/should governments and potentially insurance companies, national health systems and…

Full Details

Added Sugar – The Imminent Nutrition Crisis/Opportunity

  • Peter Simpson

The average American consumes four times the maximum amount of added sugar in foods and beverages recommended by the WHO and two and half times the daily recommended consumption from the FDA.

We predict an increasing consumer focus on added sugar and assume that the CDC and professional and disease associations will emerge as leaders in promoting…

Full Details

Link Consumer Behaviors to Nutrition and Personal Care Using Personality

  • Peter Simpson

PersonaSmart™ is an innovative way of linking personality to decision-making and behavior in healthy eating, nutrition and personal care and beauty. Simple and effective, it provides actionable results using a unique profiling tool.

Full Details

Link Personal Care and Beauty to Consumer Behaviors Using Personality

  • Peter Simpson

PersonaSmart™ is an innovative way of linking personality to decision-making and behavior in personal care and beauty. Simple and effective, it provides actionable results using a unique profiling tool.

Full Details

Personality as Precursor for Digital Healthcare Engagement

  • Peter Simpson

This webinar will explore the continuously evolving landscape of digital healthcare, but more importantly, how and why consumers and patients use (or ignore) these tools expressly designed to connect them with providers and wellness initiatives. Personality typing provides a comprehensive approach to evaluating digital healthcare tools…

Full Details

The Changing Face of the Beauty Industry

  • Anne Lally

Shifts in perceptions of gender and self-expression held by Millennials and now being championed and expanded by Generation Z translate to a widening of markets for cosmetic and personal care companies; this includes men’s grooming products, gender-neutral cosmetics, and an overall emphasis on inclusion across identity markers.
As perceptions…

Full Details

Beauty Worldview: How Personality Influences Behaviors in Health, Personal Care and Beauty

  • Peter Simpson

Personality, self-perception, and understanding one’s place in a larger cultural context are integral components of how consumers interact with and participate in the health, personal care and beauty markets.

Consumers want a deeper connection to the health and beauty products they use – they want to identify with not just a brand,…

Full Details

Learn How Personality Drives Your Health and Wellness Decisions

  • Anne Lally

If you are in an organization which provides healthcare services, support services or retail services to consumers, this webinar is for you.

We have recently made a breakthrough in showing how personality drives decision making and health behaviors. In this webinar we are using Health and wellness services as an example.

How can you…

Full Details

Personality and Healthy Choices - New Research

  • Peter Simpson

In this webinar we present new research findings. We have paired up two of our proprietary methodologies:

•             PersonaSmart™, a personality-based segmentation model of consumers
•            …

Full Details

Enriched Online Communities

Using online communities to add depth to your market research and exceed expectations.

Full Details

Social Media Analysis and Insight

Learn More About Social Media Analysis and Insight in the Healthcare Market.

Currently the focus of social media monitoring has been on data collection and emotional inferences from what is being said. But, what about why it’s being said and the implications of the context? In this webinar we describe a new way of looking at Social Media…

Full Details

Four Principals of Millennials’ Health and Wellness (FB)

  • Peter Simpson

In this webinar, you will learn about four key principles to help you build your health, wellness, and nutrition marketing initiatives so you can improve your success with Millennial customers. 

Full Details

SelfInspire®, Self-Moderating Research

  • Peter Simpson

This webinar will feature SelfInspire® Self-Moderating Groups, a qualitative research method employed when there is a need to delve deep. It offers considerable research benefits, including:
-    Tremendous energy and commitment from respondents of all kinds
-    Unlikely leaders emerge
-  …

Full Details

How to Develop a Lexicon

  • Peter Simpson

Language embraces both content and carefully chosen words.

In this webinar we review the science underlying the development of powerful language.

You'll learn how to use market research that influences behavior and creates lasting memories.  

Full Details

New Approaches to Segmentation

  • Peter Simpson

How can you achieve a successful Market Segmentation?

Segmentation has many pitfalls and the key to overcoming them 
is understanding the components.

What is an attitude? How does Latent Class Analysis work (in layman's terms)?

Building from there, this webinar session…

Full Details


  • Peter Simpson

This presentation provides new information about Prediabetes and the untapped market opportunities for your industry.

84 million Americans have this condition and only 10% of them are diagnosed. With increasing government and public focus, this market is about to see surging demand for glucose monitoring, low glycemic,…

Full Details

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    Social Insight

    Social Insight

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  • Find out more about SelfInspire®


    Find out more about SelfInspire®

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  • Market Research Online Communities


    Market Research Online Communities

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  • Semantha Linguistics


    Semantha Linguistics

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What's New - xsperient News & Innovation

xsperient | Segmedica Completes Personal Care and Beauty During COVID-19

xsperient | Segmedica announced today the completion of a third syndicated COVID-19 study. In this report our PersonaSmart™ global personality-based personas are used to define how women are behaving in beauty, cosmetics and personal care and how to approach the two main personality clusters with differentiated messaging for competitive advantage.

Healthy Eating Choices are Driven by Personality

A recent groundbreaking study by xsperient has made the connection between consumer’s personality and their decision processes and choices in healthy eating. Different personality types have been shown to be poles apart when comes to healthy eating. This discovery puts standardized segmentation on the map for food and beverage, nutrition, food service, hospitality and retail grocery and pharmacy.

Imagine Licensing the Last Segmentation You Will Ever Need!

PersonaSmart™ standardized consumer segmentations based on personality are applicable to all markets and built on a validated global tool. This assured solution saves you time, cost and risk.

What is Happening in US Retail Healthcare?

Retail suppliers are flowing into the healthcare delivery market left open by the political vacuum around healthcare reform. The implications are profound but not always obvious. Retailers like CVS Health and now Walmart are taking aim at extensive healthcare delivery operations and, unlike traditional medical practices, they know how to generate customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

SelfInspire® - Innovate through Creation by Your Respondents

Do you seek to conduct market research in a way that encourages free, honest language from your respondents? True uninhibited language and released energy combined to deliver hidden insights. Added benefit - unstructured context provides the social and psychological underpinnings of their decision-making processes.

OnTheWall™ - Communities that Deliver

OnTheWall™ community platform is an innovative market research tool. Configured to collect results and seamlessly move respondents from one research technique to another, it is used in all languages all over the world.

Customer Experience - Using Psychology to Understand your Customers

At the Quirks Market Research Conference in March, xsperient gave a session on Science in CX. This talk covered the development of science-based personas to provide superior CX outcomes.

Coming soon – New Results on Personality Impact on Consumer Behaviors

Consumers were recruited across all six PersonaSmart™ personality types and divided into two groups. One group were personality types which are hedonic and seek excitement and stimulation and the other group was made up of those who have a more self-transcendent and conservative nature.

Standardized Market Segmentation Makes an Impact

One of xsperient’s alternative approaches to attitudinal segmentation uses PersonaSmart® Health standardized psychometric models contextualized to a specific condition or situation. This approach can be used alone or combined with more traditional segmentation techniques.

Do You Understand the Retail Healthcare Revolution?

While the US healthcare system is in political limbo the health and wellness consumer is moving forward, demanding more information and access to services.

The retail industry - specifically grocery, pharmacy and big box stores - is reacting to this opportunity with onsite clinics, dietitians, classes and other services.

We’re seeing just the beginning in the rise of the healthcare and wellness retail industry by organizations that already have the attention and trust of the public.

Behavioral Economics – Is it the Answer?

That depends on the question! This topic is “hot” in healthcare and wellness research right now and we applaud that. It’s a powerful and valuable tool. However, when used in isolation it has the power to mislead as well as to inform.

Sugar – The Next Big Thing

That depends on the question! According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the maximum amount of added sugar you should ingest in a day is 25 grams (for women and children) or 37.5 grams (for men). It may not sound like much in grams however it’s six teaspoons and nine teaspoons respectively.

xsperient | Segmedica Launches Upgraded PersonaSmart™ System

xsperient | Segmedica announces the launch of enhanced consumer segmentation scales PersonaSmart™ and PersonaSmart™ Health

xsperient in Demand for Consulting and Keynotes

Our team is frequently called upon to keynote internal company conferences and enter into consulting agreements.

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