Customer Experience

We bring a unique perspective and set of tools to Customer Experience Research. Our PersonaSmart™ personality-based personas are globally validated and proven to work robustly across medical conditions. Personality is the most fundamental driver of healthcare decisions. Using this as a foundation for Customer Experience results in a complete explanation of behavioral drivers and how to influence them.

We have a wide range of research methodologies and have specialized experts on staff with a very diverse toolbox.

Key Advantages

  • Superb customer experience reports
  • Specialized research for customer journeys in the digital space
  • For small populations, our in-house recruitment unit can find and engage your targets


  • Deeper, more meaningful, and more actionable results
  • Can be built around your customer segmentation, one of our PersonaSmart™ personality based psychological models, or both
  • Assurance of a project completed to the highest standard, on time, and on budget
For limited budgets, use our ConnexionPoints® syndicated customer journeys – get much more for much less. To learn more about our ConnexionPoints® products visit our ConnexionPoints section. We can develop a syndicated product around your customer base which meets your needs.

To learn more about JourneySmart™ view our brochure below.


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