xsperient offers a full range of analytical capabilities to help you meet your marketing needs. We work with you to choose the most appropriate methodology to answer your more pressing strategic and tactical questions.

Along with our expert research design, xsperient offers:

  • Psycho-linguistic analysis – used for assessing dialogue, positioning statements, messaging, and other types of text. xsperient can use this along with its proprietary PracticeModality™ segmentation to understand linguistic differences among physician types. It can also be used to look at variations among consumer demographic groups and other consumer segments.
  • Positioning and market-size analysis – xsperient uses multi-dimensional techniques such as mapping to show where your brand is positioned in the market relative to its competitors and where it needs to be for optimal positioning.
  • Conjoint Analysis – used for product/services development, customer acquisition/retention, and pricing studies.
  • Segmentation – xsperient is a leader in medical market segmentation. All segmentation is customized to meet the specific needs of the project. Professor Rangaswamy, Anchel Professor of Marketing from Penn State Smeal College of Business, is a member of Our Team allowing us to use advanced mathematical segmentation techniques that are at the forefront of the industry in addition to offering standard segmentation approaches, including a priori segmentation.

Our analytics expertise…

  • Offers latent class segmentation, the most powerful statistical tool available, to segment your customers based on their need.
  • Uses multi-level phasic questioning allowing a large number of variables to be included efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Has advanced the practice of segmenting both physicians and patients together in a single project to better understand patient compliant behavior.

xsperient helps you throughout the process from project conception to analysis and can help guide implementation through on-site workshops with the marketing and sales teams.

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