Adherence and Persistence – Understand It – Fix It!

Every drug we encounter suffers a very significant drop in adherence 6-9 months after initial prescription. The pharma industry spends $10 billion per year in DTC communication, almost all of which is aimed at patient acquisition, not patient retention.

Third party studies estimate that, in many cases (even in severe or life-threatening conditions), adherence does not exceed 50%.

Especially for small molecule and high value large molecule drugs, boosting adherence to just 60% and/or deferring a loss of persistence would have a dramatic positive effect on industry profitability and investment in new drug research.

Why don’t we spend more on retention? Perhaps because we don’t know what to spend it on. We need a holistic and science-based understanding of the issue.

Join Peter Simpson, one of the Principals at xsperient | Segmedica, to hear the track session we presented at the Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference on February 5th for a review of the robust research results on what really drives adherence and what can be done to improve it.

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