Do You Have an Integrated Strategy for Patient Research?

Join Anne Lally, PhD, Senior Market Research Manager to see case studies and understand how to develop a patient research strategy.

An integrated strategy is a holistic understanding of patient markets resulting in deeper and more actionable insights, not just a set of projects and methodologies.

You also get lower cost and greater speed with this plan. A cohesive integrated strategy often includes an Online Community at the heart of the research, where respondents are grounded in the topics and can easily move between activities such as diaries, in-office audio recordings, creative groups, surveys and more.

The integrated approach we’ll present in this webinar starts with a complete view of what you need to understand about your patient and care partner markets, i.e., their touchpoints with the healthcare system. They also are increasingly in touch with retail and alternative healthcare as well as retail health delivery where relevant, with health plans and support groups.

We will demonstrate how to combine segmentation with patient journey, and with the buying process and patient flow to provide a consistent and more comprehensive package of insights and recommendations for marketing.

All aspects of the integrated strategy are tied to an understanding of the psychology of the patients, the anthropology of cultural differences, and the sociology of the disease and language analytics.

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