Ethnography in the Healthcare Market

As part of our Webinar program, xsperient will be hosting a webinar on Ethnography and how it can benefit your research!

“Ethnography” has become very popular in pharmaceutical research in the past five years. But do we all really understand its scope and uses? We suggest that ethnography should be seen as:

A range of observational techniques which, combined with market research techniques, can deliver additional insights and serve as a way of gaining input on important issues that respondents are unlikely to provide directly

In this session, illustrated by case studies, we will demonstrate:

-The principles and technology of a holistic approach to ethnography leading to a holistic view of HCPs’ and patients’ lives
-Their interactions leading to effective marketing and sale programs

Techniques described in this webinar will include:
-Video ethnography
-Audio ethnography
-Ethnographic Simulation Research (ESR™)
-In-home activity monitoring, blog and Social Media Monitoring

Join this session and find out how you can use Ethnographic techniques cost effectively to add actionability to your research.

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