Navigating COVID-19 – Consumer Journey and Impact

In this free short webinar, we will touch on the high points of this report and relate it to the findings of our other reports on the needs of the non-COVID-19 population in nutrition, pharmacy, retail, VMS, and other aspects of consumer markets.

What are the opportunities for food and beverage, nutrition, VMS, wellness, pharmacy, and retail in the COVID-19?

xsperient has published a ConnexionPoints® syndicated Consumer Journey for COVID-19 alongside its current and future COVID-19 studies. Built from up to the minute primary fieldwork with patients, caregivers, and HCPs, we document with video clips the detailed experience.

Right now, just under 3 million Americans have been diagnosed with the virus with only 900,000 listed as “recovered”. Deaths at 130,000 are likely to climb to or beyond 200,000. Even some with no symptoms are being found to have lung and organ damage. This is a long-term reality.

Navigating COVID-19 is just published with 107 pages. An enterprise license with an online presentation/briefing is available here:

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