The Keys to Adherence and Persistence

In this webinar we will give an overview of the contents of this toolbox of understanding and the main conclusions from it.

Following decades of research into the psychology of adherence and persistence, xsperient | Segmedica has published a comprehensive eHandbook on adherence with accompanying training and consulting services.

There is no comparable resource for pharma, devices, diagnostics, providers, plans, PBMs, health services, and pharmacy.

The content has global applicability.

Some non-adherence is caused by practical barriers to access, and they can be solved with practical solutions. Most non-adherence, however, has non-rational reasons, stemming from personality, worldview, and social norms. Education and information do not alter the behaviors of patients who have no motivation to change. One size does not fit all. Effective programs need to be shaped around personality types which will respond to motivational programs. Front line personnel, HCPs, nurses, pharmacists, and social workers need support in improving adherence. Most of all, they need the inspiration to believe that they can.

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