Peter Simpson, Vice President of Segmedica, Joins the Intellus Worldwide Board of Directors

Intellus Worldwide is the leading organization for healthcare insights and analytics, including global manufacturers and service providers within pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics. Peter Simpson, founder and Vice President of Segmedica, has been selected to join the Intellus Board of Directors.

Research America Recognized as a Top Health Care Research Company by Quirk’s

Research America, the parent company of Segmedica, announces recognition from Quirk’s as part of the 22 Top Health Care Research Companies.

Segmedica to Present at the 2021 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®)

Segmedica has been selected to present at the 2021 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®). The presentation, Cart to Counter: Leveraging Personality Data and Technology to Boost the Grocery Experience, is scheduled for Sunday, October 17th at 11:30AM - 12:30PM CT.

Segmedica Participates in DTC Perspectives Online Forum

Segmedica founder, Peter Simpson, has be invited to present in an online forum conducted by DTC Perspectives, an expert events and content provider in the field.

Segmedica to Present at the Virtual Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference

Segmedica is presenting a paper, Achieving and Using a Great Segmentation, in the early afternoon of May 12th.

Segmedica to Present at the 2021 Intellus Summit

Join Segmedica at the Intellus Summit Virtual Event in April. We will be presenting two case study sessions on The Psychology of Pandemic Behaviors and Predicting Professional and Patient Healthcare.

Segmedica Launches Telepsychiatry in the Age of COVID-19

In this new ConnexionPoints® report, we provide an up-to-date view of telepsychiatry and the impact of the pandemic.

Segmedica (xsperient®) and Research America Inc. Announce Merger of Companies

Peter Simpson, Principal at Segmedica, is pleased to announce that as of January 4th we have merged Segmedica (xsperient®) into the Research America Inc. family of companies. Research America was founded over 35 years ago and has grown to over 14 offices nationally with 300+ researchers.

xsperient | Segmedica Launches Modeling Consumer Behavior within Healthcare During COVID-19

In this new ConnexionPoints® report, we used qualitative research and psychology to probe the likely future behaviors of consumers in changing circumstances. We describe the drivers and barriers to returning to different levels of medical facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

xsperient | Segmedica Launches JourneySmart™

xsperient | Segmedica announces the launch of JourneySmart, enhanced patient journeys. We bring a unique perspective and set of tools to Patient Journey Research. Our PersonaSmart™ personality-based personas are globally validated and proven to work robustly across all conditions. Personality is the most fundamental driver of healthcare behavior.

xsperient | Segmedica Launches COVID-19 Return to Medical Facilities Wave 2

This is wave 2 of this study. The report details consumer and patient medical behavior during the pandemic and their intentions towards returning to routine medical activities; this includes patients with cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, among others.

xsperient | Segmedica Launches RapidConnexion™ Personal Care and Beauty Series

These studies are brief but insightful and designed to bring you up to date with the impact of COVID-19 on their subject category in the USA. Including xsperient’s powerful PersonaSmart™ Behavioral Science analysis and recommendations for each product category.


xsperient | Segmedica Releases Consumer Perceptions of Healthy Foods

xsperient | Segmedica announces the completion of its sixth syndicated COVID-19 study. Consumer beliefs on healthy eating were evolving quickly before COVID-19. This new ConnexionPoints® report analyzes consumer needs by personality groups and provides a road map for adjusting marketing and product development programs.

xsperient | Segmedica Releases Consumer Engagement with Alternative Healthcare Services

xsperient | Segmedica announces the completion of a fifth syndicated COVID-19 study. COVID-19 has forced patients and medical facilities to expand telehealth and other alternative means of medical interaction. This means that the large number of patients who were not comfortable with telehealth and digital interactions before are now getting used to them. Will this last beyond COVID-19?

xsperient | Segmedica Completes Navigating COVID-19 Patient Journey

xsperient | Segmedica announced today the completion of a fourth syndicated COVID-19 study. This study is of value to all manufacturers working on COVID-19 vaccines and pharmacological solutions or are impacted by COVID-19 patients’ journey through the healthcare system. Built from up to the minute primary fieldwork with patients, caregivers, and HCPs, we document with video clips the detailed experience.

xsperient | Segmedica Completes Personal Care and Beauty During COVID-19

xsperient | Segmedica announced today the completion of a third syndicated COVID-19 study. In this report our PersonaSmart™ global personality-based personas are used to define how women are behaving in beauty, cosmetics and personal care and how to approach the two main personality clusters with differentiated messaging for competitive advantage.

Adherence and Persistence Self-Study Course

xsperient | Segmedica launches a new self-study course on Adherence and Persistence. This course includes a five-module program summarizing the learnings from the ConnexionPoints Complete Adherence and Persistence eHandbook.

xsperient | Segmedica has published a comprehensive ConnexionPoints Adherence and Persistence eHandbook

xsperient | Segmedica announced today the completion of its ConnexionPoints Adherence and Persistence eHandbook.

xsperient | Segmedica Completes Changing Behaviors in the Face of a Global Health Crisis

xsperient | Segmedica announced today the completion of a syndicated COVID-19 study. Changing Behaviors in the Face of a Global Health Crisis applies xsperient | Segmedica’s ground breaking PersonaSmart™ personality based tools to understand consumers’ response to COVID-19.


xsperient | Segmedica Launches RxConnex™

xsperient | Segmedica announces the launch of RxConnex, a powerful new pharmacy data tool.

xsperient | Segmedica Launches TripleSmart™

xsperient | Segmedica announces the launch of TripleSmart™, a whole new way of looking at market segmentation embracing three distinct methodologies in one study.

xsperient | Segmedica Launches Upgraded PersonaSmart™ System

xsperient | Segmedica announces the launch of enhanced consumer segmentation scales PersonaSmart™ and PersonaSmart™ Health

xsperient in Demand for Consulting and Keynotes

Our team is frequently called upon to keynote internal company conferences and enter into consulting agreements.

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