Imagine Licensing the Last Segmentation You Will Ever Need!

PersonaSmart™ standardized consumer segmentations based on personality are applicable to all markets and built on a validated global tool. This assured solution saves you time, cost and risk.

For many years market segmentation has meant costly projects, large samples, sophisticated statistical modelling with varied success. We set out to cut through this process by developing standard segmentations for HCPs and patients/caregivers which are global, personality based, clearly linked to healthcare behaviors and available off the shelf.

The PersonaSmart system is the result of twenty years of research using a globally validated personality assessment model. Attitudes change on a whim, but personality is forever. Personality types have been shown to be the same all over the world and to be found in all generations. Change, if it is occurring, is glacially slow.

This robust, off the shelf system is available to use in custom research projects we conduct for you or can be licensed for use companywide and with other research agencies.

Contact Kiran Palhan, Digital Marketing Associate to set up a discussion or a short webinar of standardized segmentation., 716-799-8244

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