Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference

Newark NJ, February 4th- 6th 2020

Segmedica is once again a major sponsor for PMRC and will be presenting two sessions.

On February 4 at 1:45p EST we will be holding a Workshop Personality Based Tools for a Universal Understanding of Global Healthcare Markets. (Advanced registration required)

In this session we will go in depth into ground-breaking techniques for understanding and segmenting markets, using proven tools which:

  • Are restructuring of how research is designed and executed
  • Have common personality based segmentation models of HCPs and of patients which can be applied to all conditions and research objectives, with huge savings in time and cost
  • Are changing the role of segmentation, positioning and message development projects and liberating budget for more advance types of research
  • Provide tools for smaller companies and for rare and ultra-rare markets which are effective and affordable
  • A fresh approach to understanding and remediating non-compliance and the nine month drop off in persistence
  • Bringing Pharmaceutical companies and their sales forces closer to HCPs and patients

On February 5 at 2.45p we offer a track session Adherence and Persistence – Understand it – Fix It!

Every drug we encounter suffers a very significant drop in adherence 6 – 9 months after initial prescription. The pharma industry spends $10B per year in DTC communication, almost all of which is aimed at patient acquisition, not patient retention.

Third party studies estimate that, in many cases (even in severe or life-threatening conditions), adherence does not exceed 50%.

Especially for small molecule and high value large molecule drugs, boosting adherence to just 60% and/or deferring a loss of persistence would have a dramatic positive effect on industry profitability and investment in new drug research.

Why don’t we spend more on retention? Perhaps because we don’t know what to spend it on. We need a holistic and science-based understanding of the issue.

Join us to see the tools and research results which point the way to a whole new level of research impact.

Can’t attend but want to? We will bring it to you at a convenient date after the conference. Just contact us at .

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