Segmedica Presents at EphMRA Warsaw, June 25th-27th

Segmedica Pharma group will be speaking at EphMRA in Warsaw, Poland on Beyond Behavioral Economics – A Fully Integrated View of Behavioral Drivers.

We acknowledge the upsurge of interest in Behavioural Economics (BE) and some other fashionable ideas such as “System 1 and 2”. This is a positive move but not without its issues. BE covers just one part of the decision process in the cerebral cortex and we need to understand the other processes of the unconscious mind as well, to achieve actionable insight.

We can properly interpret responses and results if we understand the full scope of behavioral drivers and have some knowledge of the psyche of each respondent.

We therefore advocate basic psychoprofiling as well as deeper analysis for all respondents.

In this session we will show three short case studies - a segmentation, an ad concept test, and how to apply advanced linguistic analysis to reveal segments in a very small sample. We’ll graphically demonstrate how the use of publicly available techniques can greatly improve the value of research results.

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