Segmedica Announces New Brand xsperient®

To compete in fields of nutrition, food & beverage, and general health & wellness

Segmedica announced the launch of a new brand xsperient®, which will serve customers with products and services related to health and wellness. This new brand will provide the same unique methodologies and innovative research techniques of Segmedica to the Food and Beverage, Nutrition, Health and Wellness markets.

The introduction of xsperient marks a significant milestone for Segmedica, as it is the first time the company has launched a new brand that it will operate under since its founding in 2004. Segmedica built its success in the industries of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and general Healthcare but is now expanding to meet the needs of clients who focus on other health and wellness related areas. In an effort to solidify its presence in these areas, xsperient will be operating simultaneously with Segmedica to provide a more targeted experience for our clients. Segmedica has the depth of knowledge and experience that will stand it in good stead with those who need to broaden their reach into these areas for perhaps the first time.

“Our new brand, xsperient, represents our vision and new direction for the future” said Peter Simpson, Principal of Segmedica, “we are committed and looking forward to establishing our new brand”.

About Segmedica

Segmedica is a full service market research company specializing in the fields of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, Healthcare, Health and Wellness, and Food and Beverage. Segmedica has built its success through a combination of innovative techniques and unique methodologies including SelfInspire®, HealthVoice®, Semantha™, HealthInteract™ and more. In addition to these, xsperient maintains its own fully profiled set of panels of healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers. 

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