xsperient | Segmedica Completes Part 3: Digital Healthcare in ‘Changing Healthcare in America’ Series of Syndicated Studies

xsperient | Segmedica announced today the completion of a Digital Healthcare study, which is also part three of their ConnexionPoints series entitled ‘Changing Healthcare in America.’

The Digital Healthcare study focuses on five major trends: patient portals, digital communications, telemedicine services, remote monitoring, and tools for managing health conditions.


Digital healthcare solutions are being impacted by the ACA, heightened consumerism in healthcare, and technological innovations in every aspect of life. With these trends and new demands, this study will provide valuable insights on the evolving landscape and delivery of healthcare in the United States.


The ‘Changing Healthcare in America’ (CHA) series consists of four studies:

  1. Impact of the ACA on the Vision and Strategies of Large IDS Groups
  2. Development of Healthcare Beyond Traditional Medical Systems
  3. Digital Healthcare and How Business can Progress through Digital Consumer Engagement
  4. Consumer Perspectives on Health Insurance

These studies can be purchased directly from our site


View the full article here.

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